FREE Stakes and Ties with Small Trees

  • Nicholle Mikel
  • aim June 7, 2019
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Planting and securing your tree

For trees that need support, we supply a 120 cm stake, tree-tie, and a rabbit/strimmer guard, free of charge. We send you full instructions for planting, including a picture diagram. All you’ll need is a spade and a hammer.

Follow our recommendations to ensure your tree flourishes.

How to plant your tree

  1. Pick a good site. Consider how large your tree will grow and how much space air and light it needs according to species.
  2. Prepare the soil. Add some organic matter to loosen and enrich heavy or sandy soils. You can add mycorrhizal fungi products to promote root growth, however this is not necessary. There is no need to add any fertilizer in the first season after planting as our pot grown trees have a 12 to 14 month slow release fertilizer incorporated into the growing medium. You can add a small amount of fertilizer in the following season if the tree needs a boost. But dont over do it.
  3. Choose a good weather day for planting. For example, avoid days when the ground is sodden from heavy rain, or when frost has made the soil hard to work.
  4. Make the hole the right size. It should be dug the same depth as the rootball and 10 to 15 cm wider than the rootball all the way around. Loosen the soil up in the bottom of the hole to help allow the roots to grow downward. Incorporate some organic matter such as compost to the soil that was removed to dig the hole. Backfill around the rootball with the mix and compact with your feet, been careful not to leave any voids. it is important that the trees are planted at the same level they are in the pot, ie so the base of the trunk isn’t buried.
  5. Secure your tree. You should aim to anchor the roots firmly so that wind won’t rattle the stem and roots while the tree becomes established.
  6. Position the stake correctly. Insert the base of the stake away from the root ball. Set it at an angle and fix the tie securely above the rabbit/strimmer guard. (See the diagram in the instructions.)

Caring for your tree

Container-grown trees can be planted at any time of the year, however if you plant your trees in the summer, you should ensure to keep them watered in the drier months.

It’s advisable to keep a bare circle of earth around the tree for the first three years so water can reach the roots. You can add a layer of mulch which helps to keep moisture in and also acts as food as it breaks down, however keep a space between the mulch and the base of the tree.

Check and adjust the ties in spring and autumn as the tree grows. You should be able to remove the stake after two seasons, when the tree is established.

Enjoy the result! Your tree should reward you with years of pleasure and beauty if you take the time to prepare its site, plant it securely and care for it in its early stages